Wednesday, 21 March 2018
New Website Launched
AESA is pleased to announce the launch of the Eisteddfod (AESA) redesigned website. Customized to members and the community easier access to eisteddfod information.
LTM have negotiated a very good insurance deal for members that will allow most of us to save consierably on insurance payments. The Public Liability portion is being charged against competition hours rather than audience numbers and as a result will be considerably less and a lot fairer way of calculation. This is and will remain, a members only policy and will be paid when you pay your subs. Very competitive prices are also being offered on property and volunteer and money insurance.
Membership Fees
Membership fees for the 2012-2013 year are $60.00
Birthday Party
Bendigo will host the November 2013 conference. This year is the 20th birthday of AESA and we will be celebrating as part of the Bendigo conference. Come along and enjoy. If you know of anyone who was particularly heavily involved with our meetings in the past and who may not be part of your organisation now, let Margo know as we will be sending out additional invite for the dinners.
As many may know, Tony and I are currently on the road on a six moth holiday into QLD, via the centre. We have so far had the pleasure of catching up with the folk from Balaklava and The Centralian Eisteddfod at Alice Springs. We have had contact with many of our QLD members who have indicated a desire to catch up and talk. If you have not organised to do so yet, please contact me
NSW Child Protection
The Child Protection Act in NSW is changing and you will soon need to be registered and possible Police Checks. See the Members only page, under reference, for the document on phasing in and another on how to find your category.